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On February, 04th, 2011 the head of branch 19 INTERLAWYER Vladimir Okhramenko has been delegated on the Ninth annual conference of lawyers of Moscow.;-      The President of Lawyer chamber of Moscow Henry Reznik and the Vice-president of Lawyer chamber of Moscow of Igor Polaykov. Have given the report of Council of Lawyer chamber of Moscow for 2010, and also the Report of Council of lawyer chamber of Moscow on execution of the estimate of expenses on the maintenance of lawyer chamber for 2010.;-      A poll of delegates of the Ninth annual conference of lawyers of Moscow the given Reports of Council of lawyer chamber of Moscow have been accepted and confirmed by the General unanimously.;-     

Dear Customers,

The INTERLAWYER Law Office of the Moscow Bar PROTECTION is pleased to welcome you on our newly created web-site.

Our goal is to provide you with complete information about us and our Services. Depending on your needs, we are ready to serve you on a short- and long-term basis through signing a legal support agreement. We will offer the services of a private attorney for individuals and a corporate attorney for companies.

On this site you can address questions to our lawyers by clicking on Your Questions. This service will help you save your time and establish a direct connection with our best attorneys who will advise you on various legal issues.

In Success Stories on the left side of this page you will find information on the most important lawsuits and the work experience of our leading lawyers. Attorney Tips will tell you how to solve and prevent legal problems that you might face in everyday life.

Since we charge for our services, we recommend that you read "Fees and Discounts" or print it out for your future reference.

The INTERLAWYER Law Office is glad to render highly qualified services for its clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for a more detailed information.

With us you will feel highly protected!

Yours truly,
Vladimir V. Okhramenko
Head of Office

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